Mech-A-Pult Beta Release Notes

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Mech-A-Pult Beta Release Notes

Post by Lightbulb Industries on Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:07 pm

With Mech-A-Pult being released on Android and being reviewed for release on iOS, the beta is officially over. We would like to thank all of our beta testers for giving us feedback and bug reports so we could improve this game as much as possible for it's initial launch. To keep track of the new versions and release notes in the future, visit this topic: Mech-A-Pult Release Notes

Version 1.6B (August 14, 2014):

New Features
  • There are now multiple main menu backgrounds and they randomly change over time. Currently there are only 2 backgrounds, but more will be added soon.
  • We've added a loading screen before the main level. We also added so funny comments into it to keep you entertained if your device is slow.
  • New sound effects have been added for the Tesla coil, the nuclear barrel, and the launcher.
  • Added a Lightbulb Industries splash screen at the start of the game.

Gameplay Fixes/Tweaks

  • If you glide into a Tesla coil, it will no longer drop you straight down before launching you.

Visual Fixes/Tweaks
  • Changed the black hole to a sprite instead of a particle effect. This should mean no more major framerate drops.
  • The physics of the balloon equipment piece have been modified so it doesn't bounce and swing around as much.
  • Added a flame effect to the launcher when it launches.

Audio Fixes/Tweaks
  • We've lowered the volume of all of the music in the game. It was set way too loud, and the in-game music drowned out all of the sound effects.

UI Fixes/Tweaks
  • Added two buttons to the game's end menu for the double power-ups (if you own them). Colored bars over the button will show you how many runs it will be active for (green) or how many runs the cooldown will last (red). When it is ready, the button will turn green and you should be able to tap it to activate it.
  • Modified the effect descriptions in the store menu to tell you exactly what the effect is of each object.
  • Changed the background of the info screen in the store menu.

Platform Specific Fixes
  • [Android]You should now be able to use your device's multi-touch capabilities to tap the gem/xp icons when you are in a black hole. (Possibly not working)

Previous Version Release Notes:

Version 1.5B (August 10, 2014):

New Features
  • 7 new animations have been added to the Spencer model in the store.
  • We've added banner ads to the bottom of the screen during the runs (after launch). Please let us know what you think about the size and placement.

Gameplay Fixes/Tweaks
  • Some of the items' effects have been modified, increasing their usefulness. This includes the Tesla coil being turned into a good object. Now it boosts the player's speed by 25% instead of lowering it by 25%.

Visual Fixes/Tweaks
  • Clouds have been added in the sky during the run.
  • The textures of the ground have been modified to give it more of a junkyard feel.
  • A background has been added to the store system.

UI Fixes/Tweaks
  • The textures for the body parts and power-ups in the store have been changed.
  • The store menu now shows which item is currently selected.

Version 1.4B (August 5, 2014):

New Features
  • Added 2x gem and XP boosts to the store. Once bought, you have these items permanently, however they are only active for a certain amount of runs, after which they must cool down for a certain amount of runs for you to be able to reactivate them.

Gameplay Fixes/Tweaks
  • The colliders on the environment objects have been modified and the issue with Spencer going through them and into the floor has possibly been fixed.

UI Fixes/Tweaks
  • We've changed the text on the buttons in the store menu to a hopefully easier to read font.
  • Added (or re-added, since we're not sure whether they were there or if they went missing) the item descriptions in the store menu.
  • Added a lock to the equipment buttons in the store to show when an item isn't owned.

Version 1.2B (July 29, 2014):

New Features
  • The Spencer model in the store has had a few animations added. The Balloon, Ham Sammich, Hoverboard, and Fairy Wings now cause him to perform an animation.
  • [Android] Everyplay has been integrated on mobile. You can now record and share gameplay footage using the buttons on the upper left corner of the game screen.
  • [Android] Unity Ads have been integrated into the game. These ads will appear every 5 runs. To all our mobile beta testers, please let us know your opinions on the frequency of these ads.

Gameplay Fixes/Tweaks
  • Fixed Spencer missing the ground when gliding multiple times in a row and possibly rolling off the ground after landing.
  • Environment objects now interrupt Spencer's gliding when they are hit.

UI Fixes/Tweaks
  • The XP bar on the end menu is now animated and some text will pop up when you level up.
  • A pop up will appear at the end of a black hole to show how much XP and how many gems you earned.

Version 1.1B (July 20, 2014):

New Features
  • Added animations to Spencer while he's in game. He now moves around while on the launcher, while gliding, and before getting kicked by Das Boot.

Gameplay Fixes/Tweaks
  • Increased the size of the colliders on the objects that fall in the black hole so that they are easier to tap/click.
  • The in-game background now changes color as Spencer's height changes to better show the change in height.
  • The spawn rates of some of the items have been lowered so they don't appear as often
  • Spencer's sound effects actually mute when the sound effects are turned off in the options menu.
  • The first few notes of the songs in the game no longer play when the music is turned off in the options menu.

UI Fixes/Tweaks
  • The textures on the main menu have been improved. This includes a new background texture.
  • The back button in the achievement menu that was somehow broken in the last release is now fixed.
  • The icon for "A hoverboard? A HOVERBOARD!" now displays properly on the in-game achievement display.
  • The glide and boost icons that appear at the top-right of the game screen are now smaller so they don't take up as much of the screen.

Platform Specific Fixes
  • [Android] Fixed the in-game achievement system. It now doesn't reset when the player closes and reopens the game.

Version 1.01B (July 15, 2014):

New Features
  • How to play screen added. It explains the touch launch controls a little better. This screen will pop up on mobile the first time you play the game after updating or you can see it by visiting the options menu.

UI Fixes/Tweaks
  • Modified the options menu font to make it easier to read.
  • Greyed out the buttons on the options menu that currently do not function

Platform Specific Fixes
  • Fixed the "Gem-tastic!" achievement instead adding the "Gem-cellent!" achievement through Google Play when it was achieved. If you should have gotten this achievement, signing out and then signing back in to Play should award the achievement.

Version 1.0B (July 13, 2014):

  • Initial beta release

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